This is Kard

Kard helps consumers get what they deserve from their rewards programs

Our Partners
The Team

We're a team with experience working at some of the largest financial instituions in the world, as well as some of the most successful startups challenging those very financial institutions.
If you're interested in our mission, check out our careers page below! 

Katie Harper
Director of Operations
Richard Chao
Software Engineer
Daniel Jakaitis
VP of Engineering
Chang Ethan Lee
Software Engineer
Ben Mackinnon
Founder & CEO
Office Manager
Our Advisors

Our advisors have experience developing large scale applications, building the largest credit card businesses in the world, and scaling early stage startups.

Pierre Davidoff
Director of Engineering @ Celmatix, former CTO @ Soulcycle
Bill Gray
Former Co-CEO of Ogilvy
Jeff Leventhal
Founder & CEO @ WorkRails, former Founder & CEO @ WorkMarket, OnForce and Spinback
Lance Weaver
Former Chief Administrative Officer of MBNA, President of Card Services at BoA, and Chair of Mastercard
Join us!

Kard is looking for the most technologists in New York City that have an interest in building a unique system that will revolutionize the consumer loyalty space.



What is Kard?

Kard is a new age loyalty program that helps you earn more credit card rewards wherever you're shopping. We partner directly with some of the largest financial institutions in the world to integrate our rewards directly into their credit cards' current programs, helping you earn more of the miles, points, or rewards you already know and love. Shop at any of our thousands of retail partners, whether it's online or in-store, and earn up to 20x your points! 

How much does Kard cost?

Kard is absolutely free for you. We work directly with credit card issuers as well as retailers to build technology and rewards programs to help you discover new brands and get the most out of your credit card rewards.

How does Kard compare to other rewards programs?

Kard is unique in that we don't make you learn a new rewards program, we are simply helping you earn more of the credit card rewards you already know and love. We partner directly with your credit cards; your card will notify you once we're live on your card! 

We also have built a unique system of offers with our retail partners that allows us to remove the friction that has typically plagued the credit card rewards game. Through our in-store offers program as well as our extensions for online browsers, we help you earn without changing the way you shop.

The Rewards - What rewards do you offer?

We're not the standard credit card rewards programs - 2x dining, 3x travel, etc. Kard is a network of rewards with retailers, restaurants, coffee shops, and gas stations that can give you up to 20x your points at any of our partner's stores.

We work with brands from WalMart and Panera to your local pizza spot or hipster coffee shop. Our goal is to help you earn more wherever you shop in order to make sure you save more! 

How many deals do you have?

We have over 10,000 deals across the US as well as with many international brands. We try and make as many of these deals available to you at all times, but also realize that you don't want to bothered with offers that you don't want. We use machine learning to ensure you're only being delivered the deals that are relevant to you, while still giving you access to new brands and retailers you might not know yet.

Which credit cards does Kard support?

We're launching our program in the beginning of 2019. Stay tuned for more details on which credit cards we're working with first. Our goal is to bring Kard to as many of the cards you use as possible to help you earn extra rewards everywhere you shop. Reach out to let us know which cards you want to have Kard!