Issuer Spotlight: Kard and Veryable’s Vault, a Fintech Solution for Labor

Alongside a gig economy marketplace, Veryable also offers Vault, a banking app integrated into the platform

The fintech industry is about redefining what finance can do for people, and one of Kard’s newest partners, Veryable, is a poster child for fintech innovation. Veryable is an on-demand labor marketplace for manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing. Their flexible labor solution connects businesses with high-quality workers at the click of a button, enabling higher productivity and a competitive edge. Alongside the gig economy marketplace, Veryable also offers Vault, a banking app integrated into the platform.

Kard’s rewards APIs ensure that Veryable’s thousands of customers can use their native banking environment not only to get paid and manage their finances, but also to earn cashback on everyday purchases.

Jeff Wells, Chief Supply Officer and General Counsel at Veryable, Inc. says, “An important part of what Veryable offers the workers that use our platform is our payment product called Vault. Vault allows Veryable to create simple automatic accounts for workers and offer virtual and physical cards, as well as next-day pay (even on weekends and holidays). Our partnership with Kard has allowed us to expand the features of Vault and offer our workers a robust cash back program with a user experience that is frictionless and optimizes their rewards.”

“The relative ease of launching a financial product nowadays, compared to twenty years ago, means that it’s simple to bring your dream to reality,” adds Ben MacKinnon, CEO of Kard. “But it also means that consumers have much more choice in where and how they bank. The most successful players in our space are those who can differentiate themselves with a unique value add while also covering their bases with a suite of financial products their customers have come to expect from mature institutions. Our rewards software powers part of that fintech stack — it frees up Veryable to focus on building their unique value add.”