Kard + Daylight Partnership

Kard is pleased to announce our partnership with Daylight, an LGQBT+ focused challenger banking platform founded by queer millennials who've experienced the same obstacles many still face today. For them, helping people succeed has always been the focus of their business journey — no matter who they are or where they come from. 

“Kard provides the backbone to our exclusive LGBTQ+ merchant network that will allow small businesses to connect with queer customers right from the comfort of their banking platform. Daylight customers can swipe their card at one of our queer-owned and allied merchants and a % of the transaction will be returned as cash back which Daylight customers can either keep themselves or donate to charity. Rewards that do good for small LGBTQ+ merchants? Sign us up.”  Rob Curtis, Daylight CEO

The LGBTQ+ community is a market that has $1 trillion of spending power in the US, according to Daylight. However, 53% still struggle with savings. To support this community and reward those who use their cards at participating merchants, Daylight is teaming up with Kard for an easier way to save money on purchases. Not only does partnering with Kard enable more opportunities to get better prices on everyday purchases, but it also shows Daylight's deep commitment to supporting queer communities everywhere. 

“Kard is proud to welcome the Daylight community to the Kard network and we look forward to supporting the LGBTQ+ community,” said Ben Mackinnon, CEO of Kard. “Daylight is solving a real need by providing a differentiated experience for their customers, and we are excited to play a small role in helping their customers save for a better future.”

Kard builds rewards infrastructure for banks, card issuers, neobanks, and other financial services companies, helping them build rewards experiences tailored to their specific customer base through access to our thousands of merchants and retailers across North America. When a cardholder shops at Kard’s network of brands, they can automatically earn cashback for their qualifying purchases without any additional work. Thanks to a lightweight integration process, Issuers can quickly be up and running quickly, while also having the ability to build unique experiences impossible outside of the Kard platform. Daylight joins Kard’s existing family of partners, which includes 2 of the 5 largest neobanks in the country.

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