August 2023

  1. Historical Transaction Data Ingestion - Kard has expanded its capabilities to ingest multiple years of historical transaction data once an Issuer onboards with Kard. This will ensure all cardholders on our platform are receiving the most up to date offers and rewards based on their extended spending history by merging additional historical data with existing & live data.

  1. Revamped filtering on Start and Expiration Offer Dates on Portal - The start and expiration offers dates on the Offers page on the issuer portal take a range of values for each field. The filtering was revamped to correctly display results when a singular range value (either start or end) is given. See example below to better understand this functionality.

For example, filtering to 9/12/2023 at the start range for the “Start Date” field will display all offers that went live on or after September 12, 2023. 

  1. Enhanced filtering on Total Commission field on Offers Page on Portal - The total commission field filtering was optimized so that portal users can filter by this field to the tenth decimal place, instead of just integer level precision for more accurate total commission analysis. 


For example, applying this filter on the total commission will display all results where the total commission is between 7.5 and 9.5. 

  1. Portal Automatic Log Out Improvements - The automatic portal log out window was extended to three hours, so that users can productively use the portal for longer periods without having to log in on an hourly cadence. The portal now also takes into account idle time (no mouse / click activity detected), and will prompt users to take an action if they’ve been idle for 10 minutes (see figure below for prompt). If a user doesn’t take action for 5 more minutes, they’ll be logged out to ensure a secure portal experience.

After a user has been idle on the portal for 10 minutes, they can expect a similar message as above prompting them to take action within 5 minutes to avoid log out.

  1. Admin Portal Improvements: New functionalities were added to the Kard Admin portal to enable faster, and more efficient offer launches.