July 2023

New Features for the Issuer Portal Experience

  1. Exporting merchants, offers, and locations campaign data 

Exporting campaign data was previously only available via access to Kard’s API. The Kard Issuer Portal now provides our issuer clients a way to export all of their active rewards program data via CSV in a self-service workflow, so that marketing teams at our partner organizations can design better marketing materials to encourage banking activity by their cardholders.

  • Merchants page export: Portal users can retrieve the relevant merchant data fields shown on the portal (Merchant ID, Merchant Name, Source of Merchant, Website URL, and Merchant Category) for all merchants with active offers in their rewards program by clicking the “Export” button. 
  • Offers portal page export: In addition to merchant data, portal users can export the relevant offer data fields (Offer ID, Offer Name, Offer Type, Campaign Start Date, Campaign End Date, Commission Type, Total Commission, and isTargeted) for all active offers in their rewards program.
  • Locations portal page export: The Kard Issuer portal also supports the exporting of in-store location data (Location ID, Location Name, Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code) for all merchants running active campaigns with the issuer in question. 

Here's how to export these reports in the Issuer Portal:

Step 1: Navigate to the relevant page on the issuer portal (the Merchants page in this example). Apply the relevant filters and sorts on the fields that you want to export and click the “Export” button once ready. 
Step 2: When the “Export” button is clicked, the download will begin and the portal will display a banner stating that the export is in progress. 
Step 3: When the export is done downloading, the banner will indicate that the export is complete and the CSV file will be available to view.
The CSV file should match the layout of this sample export.
  1. Viewing “Under Review” transactions on Reports page 

Some transactions require a manual review as a part of the matching process to determine if they qualify for a reward. The Kard Portal introduces a new field on the Reports page, “Under Review,” which gives partnering issuers visibility into which transactions are awaiting manual review. 

  • Once a transaction has been selected for manual review, the status will be marked as “PENDING.” As transactions move through the manual review process and are either approved or rejected for a reward, they change to a “COMPLETED” status to indicate that the manual review process is finished. Transactions under manual review are constantly being reviewed to ensure the best possible user experience for our issuers clients and their cardholders.
  • If a transaction is successfully evaluated through our near-real-time transaction matching engine, the “Under Review” field will be undefined, displaying a small dash. 
Note the various values for the Under Review field.

Enhancements to the Issuer Portal Experience

  1. Collapsible Navigation Bar

The Kard Portal has been redesigned to deliver a crisper and more productive navigation experience by introducing the ability to collapse the main menu. When the navbar is collapsed, this addition is supplemented with clear user-friendly tags that show page names when relevant icons on the navbar are hovered over. 

The main menu is now collapsible.

  1. Improvements to “Status” field across portal pages 
  • Coloration on Merchants and Offers pages: The Kard Portal was visually refreshed to help highlight each of the three statuses (active, inactive, closed) of relevant merchants and offers shown for a more user-friendly experience.
Different statuses appear with different colors now.
  • Increased search and sorting options on Merchants and Offers pages: Issuer clients can now search by multiple statuses at the same time, as well as sort the statuses to better understand their rewards program data on the portal. 
Better sorting means a more precise view of available offers.

  1. Commission Clarity for Rewarded Transactions on Reports page 

Language for the commission received for each party (Kard, issuer) was improved, to provide better readability for partnering issuer clients.

New language helps users understand the data better at a glance.

Enhancements to Kard API Documentation

  1. The Issuer Earned Reward webhook documentation was updated to showcase both sample cardlinked reward webhook responses and also sample affiliate reward webhook responses, providing more clarity to our integrating issuer clients regarding the two offer types. See Issuer Earned Reward Webhook API docs here.
  2. UTC timezone specification language was added to the response schemas of all Rewards API endpoints (Merchants, Offers, and Locations). This will help our integrating issuer partners better understand the data available to them from the API. Refer to Rewards API docs here.
  3. Audit Code definitions and transaction audit API docs were revamped to match audit code definitions that exist on the issuer portal for better consistency. Refer to the updated audit code definitions docs here and transaction audit API docs here.