June 2022

    • Card Overlap - To accommodate our Issuer partners who link cards that are not their own to their rewards program, Kard has built functionality that identifies instances of card overlap, so that one card cannot be used in two rewards programs. By default, if an overlap is identified, the program sponsored by the card’s issuer is utilized.
    • Transaction Inquiry Management - A module was added to Kard’s internal portal to allow tracking and updates of any transaction that requires further investigation if it did not redeem an offer as expected. It provides faster triage and communication. This module will be part of the first Issuer Portal release, in Q3.

    • Matching Engine Performance: To stay ahead of Kard’s scaling platform, enhancements were added to the matching engine, increasing throughput by ~500%, to ensure matching in near real-time, regardless of the number of transactions moving through the product.
    • API Documentation Updates: API documentation updates including details on pagination and specifications to the incoming transactions call. Kard is constantly improving documentation to improve clarity.