November 2022

Audience Engine 1.0: Kard’s new audience engine enables our internal team to segment our partnering issuers' cardholders based on their previous purchase history at our partnering national merchants. This allows our merchants to run flexible, targeted campaigns and allows our issuers to provide a personalized user experience by connecting their cardholders to the relevant CLO’s.

Audience Transaction Matching Improvements: Additional logic checks were added to the matching algorithm to ensure cardholders within a segment are able to redeem relevant offers.

API Documentation Updates: API documentation was corrected to provide more accurate descriptions for the createdDate and lastModifiedDates fields in the response schema for the get rewards merchants endpoints. In addition, the preferredContactEmail is now a required field for the create audit request endpoint.

Portal UX Enhancements: Functionalities were added to support offer targeting and audience creation for our internal teams, allowing faster brand launches. In addition, searching, filtering and sorting functionalities across modals within the issuer portal were revamped to provide a more consistent, user-friendly experience:

  1. Enhanced filtering experience on Merchant Categories
  2. Minor UX bug fixes related to latency, error messaging, and page navigation