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Our Mission—What we want to achieve

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Reward programs can be a primary driver of customer engagement. But too often, they come at the cost of complexity — for the consumer, the merchant, and the issuer. Kard simplifies the experience, making loyalty more rewarding for everyone.


Historically, reward programs have been synonymous with card-linked offers. At Kard, we’re broadening that view, embracing all forms of loyalty — from buying from a partnered merchant to referring a friend to paying a bill. Enabling modern issuers to connect consumers with brands they love is our North Star.


At Kard, we’re building the future of loyalty with a new rewards-as-a-service platform. But that’s just what we do; more important to us is how we do it. In practice, this translates to full-time remote work, unlimited paid time off, excellent insurance, quarterly team offsites, and a strong commitment to diverse and equitable practices.


Realtime Ad Network

Advertisers rely on Kard’s transaction data from 10s of millions of consumers to gain insights into how they shop, not only at their stores but across their entire wallet.



Banks and card issuers don’t want a 1-size fits all design. Kard’s API allows issuers to design their own UX while Kard does the heavy lifting in the background.

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Kard was built with security as a top concern from day 1, being PCI Compliant and SOC 2 certified since before launching our first customer. Serving some of the largest banks, fintechs, and merchants in the world, we know that our security has to be at the same level as yours.



Katie Harper


Gary Poster

VP of Product and Engineering

Shea Stringert

VP of Merchant Sales

Pouya Tehranian

VP of Issuer Sales

Nick Aguilar

VP of Finance and Operations
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Interested in joining the team? We’re looking for talent and initiative, certainly, but we’re also looking for people who are humble, kind, and devoted to building up our culture.

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