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Our network of next-generation banks and financial institutions serves a coveted Zillennial, Millennial, and digitally-advanced audience. Get in front of the right customers and boost their LTV without spending a fortune.

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Reach your ideal customer with less money and effort.

Showcase your brand across multiple digital banking environments to attract a new, loyal population of customers you can’t get anywhere else. Then fine-tune your loyalty plays with Kard’s exclusive consumer insights — from shopper behavior to purchase frequency to wallet share. And measure true incremental lift using our exclusive first party transaction data.


Why Kard


Capture the Millennial and GenZ audience

Get your product in front of a whole new set of digital-first customers for a whole lot less.


Optimize your budget

With our pay-for-performance model, you only pay for the transactions you get.


Capitalize on
first-party data

Understand your customers on a deeper level and measure true campaign impact.

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Topline ROAS

Gain direct access to a 47M+ captive audience.


Increase in AOV

Deliver compelling offers for maximum lift.


More site visits

Build brand awareness just by joining our ecosystem.


Repeat purchases

Rewarding customers for loyalty encourages repeat behavior.

The modern rewards network

Who we serve

Explore how Kard helps modern retail, convenience, and restaurant brands capture new customers for life


Kard for Retail

Dominate the Gen Z and Millennial market in an untapped channel

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Target lapsed or casual users in an untapped channel with Kard's first-party data


List next to household names to get your brand the attention it deserves—with guaranteed ROAS


Engage digital consumers and increase basket size with card-based targeting


Kard for Everyday Spend

Hook new customers in with an offer they can’t refuse

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Local Transport

Drive repeat usage and deepen customer loyalty with low-risk advertising

Gas & Convenience

Win customers at the pump with cashback and push them in-store for every pick-me-up


Turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers with offers they actually care about


Kard for Restaurant

Maximize average order spend and encourage repeat purchases — without breaking your ad budget

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Boost market share and overall order spend to get an edge over your competitors


Design a stickier experience with highly tailored, irresistible deals

Fast Casual & Casual Dining

Acquire new customers, resurrect lapsed ones, and keep them coming back for more

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Case Study

Case Study

Explore the limitless

Campaign results


Charleys ran this campaign with a goal of incentivizing new and lapsed customers to spend with the brand and drive an increase of in-store traffic.

The 5% cash back offer drove topline sales, plus increases in both return on ad spend and average order value.

Charleys engaged a hard-to-reach Gen Z and Millennial audience, who are establishing brand preferences and loyalties for decades to come, by partnering with Kard’s network of modern banks.



Increase in average order value


Return on ad spend


Increase in average order value


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What is our returns & refunds policy? How do we handle returns & refunds? Does Kard claw back the rewards?

For reversed transactions that occur before settlement, Kard will not issue a reward as we only distribute rewards for settled transactions.

For returned transactions that occur after settlement, Kard will honor the reward. Kard does not reverse any reward payments once they have been paid to the Issuer for a settled transaction.

Note: Kard actively monitors incoming transactions to identify bad actors attempting to “game the system” through reversed transactions. Cardholders who make an inordinate amount of returns on rewarded transactions will be flagged and possibly removed from the rewards program. *Only relevant for issuers who are sending this data to Kard.

How can we target different audiences?

We can target different audiences by looking at card-holder purchase history at a specific merchant.

What data are you able to report on for campaigns?

Our standard reporting includes transaction timestamp and amount, reward amount, amount of redemptions by time period and AOVs. We also support custom reporting and analysis. Please work with your account manager for more details.

How does Kard validate tranasactions?

Kard validates and matches on transactions using past merchant transaction data, and at times, human intervention.

How long does it take to load and launch a campaign?

It takes between 2-4 weeks to launch depending on the campaign dynamics.