Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Tips

It’s here. The season retailers both anticipate and dread is upon us. Are you ready? Holiday shopping starts with a bang on Black Friday and continues through the new year. As a retailer, it will behoove you not to prepare early for the big shopping days. Here are some marketing tips to consider to give you a competitive edge.

Delight your most loyal customers.

Especially in a year that has been challenging for many, surprising and delighting your customers can go a long way. Whether it’s taking your customer service to the next level or creating a customer loyalty and rewards program, delivering a leading customer experience lets your customers know you’ll always go the extra mile for them — even on the big day.

Giving unanticipated rewards to customers can renew their interest, restore their loyalty and boost your sales. A great way to surprise your customers is to reach out to them personally. Connect digitally with SMS marketing or send handwritten thank you notes to your most loyal shoppers. This will make them feel special and appreciated, showing them that they are important to you. Also, be sure to engage with customers on social media with personalized direct messages to those who have shared your content or liked your posts.

Add a touch of personalization to everything you do.

Sending personalized messages to your customers will boost your sales, your average order value and increase your conversion rate. 

Nearly 89% of marketers reported that using personalization resulted in increased revenue, while 63% of shoppers expect their purchase history to direct personalized encounters from brands.

Why? Because they don’t want to feel like they’re one in a million or that they’re receiving a message from you that you’ve sent to hundreds of other people. They want to know that they matter to you.

Put retargeting strategies in place

Some people are window shoppers – they’ll browse your site, look through your offerings and choose to leave without making a purchase. This, however, does not mean that they aren’t interested or that you have to lose them as customers. 

With the right retargeting strategies, you can follow up with people who never checked out online.

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