McDonald's Case Study


Kard believes that today’s consumer needs a comprehensive rewards solution that helps them find new brands and keeps them coming back to brands they love. 

By partnering with challenger banks, Kard brings undiscovered audiences to spend with your brand. The challenger bank industry is growing rapidly, with over 77 million Americans planning to open an account in the next year. 

The convenience of fast food has successfully satisfied the lifestyle patterns of multiple generations. Over the next 7 years, the fast food market size is expected to near $1 trillion, proving both the sustainability and room for growth in the space. 

The Goal

The largest restaurant chain in the world by revenue, McDonald’s market share remains an important metric as they compete to maintain a top tier standing. McDonald’s ran this campaign with a focus on inviting future generations of customers to engage with the company. Maximizing on technological capabilities will continue to propel McDonald’s entrance into an age of new customer acquisition with a frequent and loyal consumer base.

The Results

  • Cardholders accessed the offer within their banking app which included a map of participating McDonald’s locations nearby. 
  • Average transaction value during the campaign of $8.86 was 10% higher than the market average. It also increased 23% vs. the prior period ($8.86 vs. $X).  
  • The campaign attracted 3,060 unique users during the offer period. Over 52% of customers who used the offer once made another purchase during the offer period. 396 unique users visited McDonald’s five or more times during the offer period. 
  • Overall, McDonald’s drove in more than $67K in total transaction revenue with an attractive return on ad spend of $10:1.

The Conclusion

By running this card-linked offer, McDonald's saw increased transaction value and visit frequency across Kard’s user base of Millennial and Gen Z audiences, important building blocks to capturing greater market share over time.