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Keep your customers coming back.

A whopping 91% later return to a merchant after making a purchase using an offer.

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Card-linked offers are the loyalty of the future. The frictionless experience gives consumers complete control over their shopping, letting them focus on buying instead of activating deals at the point of sale.
Your offers are deployed across our network of financial institutions, so your brand gets in front of millions in no time. Reaching high value customers has never been simpler.

Because customers view your offer as an extension of their card rewards, you can rest assured that your brand reputation is safe.
Our targeting engine ensures your offers get promoted to the right consumers at the right time.

Define your custom audience when you create an offer by selecting segments such as:

o     Spend bracket
o     Geolocation
o     Demographics
o     Transaction history
Don’t wait until the campaign is over to see how your offer performed. See reporting and insights before, during, and after a campaign to maximize ROI. 

With Kard, you can easily take a look at: 

o    New versus returning customers
o    In-store versus online purchases
o    Offer impressions and activations
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