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The Cardholders functionality tracks all end users that are opted into your rewards program. Kard does not require any PII, but does need a User ID, User Name, Card BIN and Last 4 to accurately match and attribute valid reward opportunities to your cardholders.

Included Features

Cardholder Actions

The Kard API Users Endpoints enables the following features for cardholders within the platform.

  1. Add a Cardholder to a Rewards Program - The product provides an endpoint to add new cardholders to the rewards program with relevant information on each end user. When adding a cardholder, multiple cards can also be added to the platform for that end user.
  2. Remove a Cardholder from the Rewards Program - Kard provides an endpoint to remove a cardholder and all identifying data from the platform.
  3. Update Cardholder information - A cardholder can update their information within the Kard product.

Cardholder Program Enrollment

An issuer can choose to enroll cardholders in their CLO, Affiliate, or both rewards programs. Cardholders can also be unenrolled in all programs, but kept in the Kard system to provide an opportunity for re-enrollment.

Card Actions

A cardholder can perform the below actions on the cards associated with their rewards program. Each rewards member can have multiple cards associated with their account.

  1. Add Card - Once a cardholder is in a rewards program, they can add other valid cards to gain rewards from use of that card. For example, if a bank provides a virtual and physical card, both can be added to each end user so that rewards are tracked when the cardholder makes a purchase on either physical or virtual card. 
  2. Disable Card - An issuer can disable cards active in the rewards program for their cardholders. Once a card is disabled, it will no longer redeem offers and cannot be re-enabled. This is not a required step.

Card Auto-Enrollment

For specific cases, the Kard platform can automatically add a new card to a cardholder, if the relevant data is provided within a transaction. For more details, please contact a Kard Account Manager.

Card Overlap Prevention

Kard spans a number of modern direct issuers, including neobanks and card aggregators. To enable our partners that aggregate cards across various card issuers, the platform includes a feature to track and prevent Kard partners from enrolling the same card in multiple programs. 

Implementation Details

Cardholder Program Enrollment

Below are notes on what is required to correctly add a cardholder to the Kard platform.

  1. Enrollment for Go-Live: To minimize integration efforts, Kard can enroll existing cardholders into the rewards program in a batch method. Please talk to a Kard Account Manager for further details.
  2. Linking Additional Cards: Unless otherwise specified, all new cards must be added via the Create Card Endpoint.

Cardholder Program Unenrollment

Below are notes on what is required to correctly unenroll a cardholder from the Kard platform.

  1. Reward Unenrollment: Via the Update User Endpoint, an issuer can update the enrollment of a cardholder with the enrolledRewards field. This keeps the end user’s data available for accurate reporting and re-enrollment.
  2. Cardholder Removal:  Via the Delete User Endpoint, an issuer can remove all cardholder data from the platform. If that cardholder re-enrolls, historic data is preserved, and the Kard API supports a seamless re-enrollment.
  3. Card Removal: Individual cards do not need to be actively removed from a cardholder when not in use.