Pre-Launch Checklist 

Before launching your rewards program, Kard will work with you to review the application that you have created within a test environment. Ideally, the full web / mobile application is built, so we can review the full rewards experience that will be delivered to your consumers. The purpose of this check is to confirm that the integration utilizes the full functionality of Kard and will deliver the most value to you and your cardholders.

Specifically we will review the below use cases. Please work with your Kard account management team to complete the checklist.

Use Cases Reviewed

1. Confirm the creation of a new cardholder in the sandbox environment with appropriate information.

2. Confirm a transaction with data in the correct format. Required fields for review include:

  • Transaction Id
  • Referring Partner User Id
  • Amount (in cents)
  • Status
  • Currency
  • Description
  • Transaction Dates (including Authorization and Settled)
  • Card BIN
  • Card Last Four
  • Merchant Id
  • MCC
  • Merchant Name
  • Merchant Street
  • Merchant City
  • Merchant State
  • Merchant Zip

3. Confirm notification both valid approved and settled transaction for reward and demonstrate the end user experience of receiving a notification.

4. Confirm the end user experience of viewing merchant locations and valid cashback offers within the web / mobile application.

5. Confirm the daily reconciliation file of redeemed transactions is populated via S3.