Design your Rewards Program UX

Kard’s API-first technology means that you can design your user experience in the way that best suits the needs of your rewards program. Below are the UI screens needed for a standard program.

Note: For the majority of Kard partners, opting into rewards is part of the general enrollment process. If that is not the case, an additional screen is required to opt-in cardholders to the rewards program.

Available Offers

Your “Rewards” screen is a chance to invite your cardholders to see the benefits associated with your card and program. This will show all CLOs and Affiliate offers available to the cardholders and is typically filtered on a number of criteria, such as online versus in-store offers. 

In combination with emails marketing specific brands to your cardholders, this screen increases the likelihood that a cardholder will seek out the brands that reward for their loyalty.

Offer Details

Kard works with brands to display accurate terms and offer qualifications. A screen to show the offer details allows a cardholder to know exactly what to expect from an offer and mitigates confusion in the user experience.

This is also a useful screen for affiliate offers, providing a link to the brand’s website.

Redemption Notification

Kard has found that sending a notification to your cardholders upon a successful offer redemption is crucial to the consumer linking the benefit of using your card. Providing a notification to the end user at least 24 hours after the purchase is required, but we recommend in near real-time, to provide the cardholder instant feedback.