April 2023

  • Various product updates to improve stability and user experience.

March 2023

Portal UX Enhancements: New capabilities were added to the Kard Admin portal to improve the offers and locations loading experience for our internal team. Additionally, UX improvements were released to the Issuer portal. 

  1. Advanced multi-select and filtering on geographic fields (city, state, zip code) on the Locations page
  2. Increased visibility into commission type and total commissions to our issuer partners for each offer on the Offers page

Local Transaction Matching Enhancements: The algorithm was improved for increased precision on matching transactions to our local offers network.

API Documentation Updates: API documentation was corrected to provide a more accurate description for the BIN field within the cardInfo object in the request body schema for the add card and create user endpoints. Kard requires that a valid BIN of the first 6 digits is sent in the request payload.

February 2023

User Eligibility: Released new functionality that allows our partners to better personalize the experience for their cardholders and ensure they have access to their most relevant offers based on purchasing history. Cardholders will no longer need to rely on the terms & conditions to determine if they are eligible to redeem an offer as all offers served to the cardholder are ones they are eligible for.

January 2023

Portal Enhancements: New functionalities were added to the Kard Admin portal to allow offers to launch more efficiently. In addition, UX improvements were made to the Issuer portal.

December 2022

Various product updates to improve stability and user experience.

November 2022

Audience Engine 1.0: Kard’s new audience engine enables our internal team to segment our partnering issuers' cardholders based on their previous purchase history at our partnering national merchants. This allows our merchants to run flexible, targeted campaigns and allows our issuers to provide a personalized user experience by connecting their cardholders to the relevant CLO’s.

Audience Transaction Matching Improvements: Additional logic checks were added to the matching algorithm to ensure cardholders within a segment are able to redeem relevant offers.

API Documentation Updates: API documentation was corrected to provide more accurate descriptions for the createdDate and lastModifiedDates fields in the response schema for the get rewards merchants endpoints. In addition, the preferredContactEmail is now a required field for the create audit request endpoint.

Portal UX Enhancements: Functionalities were added to support offer targeting and audience creation for our internal teams, allowing faster brand launches. In addition, searching, filtering and sorting functionalities across modals within the issuer portal were revamped to provide a more consistent, user-friendly experience:

  1. Enhanced filtering experience on Merchant Categories
  2. Minor UX bug fixes related to latency, error messaging, and page navigation

October 2022

  • Various product updates to improve stability and user experience.

September 2022

  • Kard Issuer Portal (Read Only) - The Kard Portal experience for Issuers will provide Issuer partners more visibility into Kard’s reward ecosystem and their transaction data. It will also enable partners to submit & track support requests on a centralized UI.
Image: Reporting page on live transactions (Open image in new tab for full resolution)
Image: Offer module (Open image in new tab for full resolution)
Image: Merchants module (Open image in new tab for full resolution)
Image: Locations module (Open image in new tab for full resolution)
Image: Transaction support module (Open image in new tab for full resolution)

August 2022

  • Audit Support Form Added to Portal - Portal users will now have the ability to submit an audit support request directly in the Kard portal on the Transactions Support Page (limited to internal users until full Portal launch).

Image: Submit Support Request on Transaction Support Page

July 2022

  • Deprecate Legacy Services - Kard has officially sunset its original rewards endpoints. Unless otherwise discussed, all current and prospective clients are using the latest endpoints, highlighted here. The official sunset decreases maintenance for our development team.
  • Merchant Onboarding - An update to the merchant onboarding process allows Kard to launch merchants with greater efficiency, providing a better end user experience. 

June 2022

  • Card Overlap - To accommodate our Issuer partners who link cards that are not their own to their rewards program, Kard has built functionality that identifies instances of card overlap, so that one card cannot be used in two rewards programs. By default, if an overlap is identified, the program sponsored by the card’s issuer is utilized.
  • Matching Algorithm Enhancements - The algorithm now adds more transactions to its database for comparison and matching of future transactions, increasing the efficiency of the process.
  • Transaction Inquiry Management - A module was added to Kard’s internal portal to allow tracking and updates of any transaction that requires further investigation if it did not redeem an offer as expected. It provides faster triage and communication. This module will be part of the first Issuer Portal release, in Q3.
  • Matching Engine Performance - To stay ahead of Kard’s scaling platform, enhancements were added to the matching engine, increasing throughput by ~500%, to ensure matching in near real-time, regardless of the number of transactions moving through the product.
  • API Documentation Updates - API documentation updates including details on pagination and specifications to the incoming transactions call. Kard is constantly improving documentation to improve clarity.

May 2022

  • Qualification Fields on API - Surfaced all offer qualifications, such as Minimum Transaction Amount, to relevant Rewards API endpoints. This enables our issuer partners to highlight those fields separately to the end user, outside the terms and conditions, making for a more clear user experience.

April 2022

  • Various product updates to improve stability and user experience.

March 2022

  • Marqeta Integration - Kard has completed an integration to Marqeta’s APIs for the purpose of significantly reducing the integration effort required by an Issuer to add Kard’s services to their offering. Via the integration, Kard and Marqeta take ownership of tracking and communicating cardholder, card, and transaction data, so this data is not required to be passed from the Issuer to Kard. Review the Kard docs site for additional details.
  • Full Transaction Reporting via Portal - The Transactions module within the Kard Portal now reports on all relevant transactions, allowing for an accurate view of the data the platform ingests. Currently, this is only for internal Kard users, but we plan to release this functionality to our Issuer Partners in the coming months.
  • Affiliate Integration Enhancements - Updates to the integration with Kard’s affiliate partner means that we can decrease the time and effort needed to have our issuer partners go live with Affiliate / Digital offers.

February 2022

  • Various product updates to improve stability and user experience.

January 2022

  • Transaction Matching Algorithm MID Improvements - The transaction matching algorithm has added additional logic to identify potential redeemed rewards.
  • Search for Offers by Latitude / Longitude - The Get Locations endpoint can now filter by geolocation, with a radius measured in miles. This allows an issuer to implement a more precise user experience for cardholders using map functionality to find offers nearby.