1. Experimentation Automation – The Kard platform is creating easier flows to activate experimentation use cases, specifically automating the identification of control and exposed groups for incremental measurement that provides more data points to show the effectiveness of brand campaigns.

2. Name Search for Merchants, Offers and Locations on Portal – For improved usage, the search bar on the Merchants, Offers and Locations pages now supports both name search and ID search for our issuer clients. The name search performs a partial name match search (see example on the Offers Page in screenshot below) and the ID search performs an exact match search (the ID must be entered in full to get accurate results).

For example, searching by “BaaS” in the search box will return all offers that contain “BaaS” in its name. This name search functionality now exists on the Merchants, Offers and Locations pages.

3. Offer Launching Improvements - New capabilities around our process of loading valid locations of offers were added to the Kard Admin portal to enable faster, and more efficient targeted offer launches for the best client experience.