1. Impression Tracking via Kard API – Our merchant partners are always looking for additional data points to measure the success of their campaigns. Tracking how many impressions (unique views) a card-linked offer produces is useful information to identify how cardholders are interacting with a rewards program and can be used for best practices in program design. This data can now be tracked via the Kard API, without any additional lift from our issuing partners.

Note: This is only valid for our national brands at this time.

2. “Offers Near You” Distance Sorting via Kard API – The Get Eligible Locations API now automatically sorts the returned in-store offer data from near to far distance, given latitude and longitude coordinates as a query parameter. This eases the integration effort for our issuer partners when creating their rewards app experiences, and allows partners to display the most geographically relevant offers to their cardholders.

Note: Refer to the sample fintech app experience below showing an “Available Offers” section with offers sorted by near to far distance.